Duration of matches

2 years ago By Peter Boardman

referee duration of matches

SEASON 2015-2016

Reference Rule 10B Paragraph 5

Dear Secretary/Referee
In previous seasons the result of a match could stand if the game had been played ‘over 60 minutes’. This season thanks to the FA a game is not now complete unless 90 minutes has been played but there is a proviso outlined below. With the start of midweek fixtures next week it is important everyone knows what is going on.

Rule 10B Paragraph 5 says ‘All matches shall have a duration of 90 minutes unless a shorter time (not less than 60 minutes) is mutually agreed by the two captains in consultation with the referee prior to the commencement of the match, and in any event shall be of equal halves.’

Yours Faithfully

L Postlethwaite

Hon. League Secretary

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