Ingleton Community Centre Sports Field Ingleton LA6 3HG


Peter Boardman 07941887857
Reserve Team Manager:
Michael Horn 0774 3023 252


Through the years Ingleton F.C. have had four names

1919/20 Ingleton won Parkinson Challenge Cup.

1928/29 Ingleton United won Craven Cup

1929/30 Ingleton United won N/L Senior Division 1 & Craven Cup

1930/31 Ingleton United won Gibson Challenge Cup & Craven Cup

1932/33 Ingleton United won Craven Cup.

1946 Ingleton F.C. Was reformed as Ingleborough.

1948/49 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1950/51 Ingleborough won N/Lancs Snr. Lge. Division

1951/52 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1952/53 Ingleborough won N/Lancs Snr. Lge. Division 1

1953/54 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1954/55 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1955/56 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1957/58 Ingleborough won Craven Cup.

1961/62 Ingleborough won N/Lancs Snr. Lge. Division 3.

The present Ingleton F.C. Was formed on 13th May 1970.

1975/76 Ingleton won N/Lancs. Snr. Lge. Division 4.

1978/79 Reserve Team formed 1st Team Promoted to Div. 1 & Samantha Guy Memorial Winners.

1979/80 Samantha Guy Memorial Cup Winners, Craven Cup Winners.

1980/81 Samantha Guy Cup Winners.

1981/82 Samantha Guy Memorial Winners N/Lancs Memorial Cup Winners & Reserve Team N/Lancs. Division 4 Champions

1982/83 Samantha Guy Memorial Winners N/Lancs Premier League Champions N/Lancs. Senior Challenge Cup Winners N/Lancs. Premier League Top Scorers Cup Winners.

1983/84 Samantha Guy Memorial Winners N/Lancs. Premier Division Top Scorers Cup Winners.

1984/85 Samantha Guy Memorial Winners. N/Lancs. Premier League Champions, Craven Cup Winners.

1997/98 North Lancs Challenge Cup Winners

1999/2000 Craven Cup Winners, Reserves Promoted to Division 1 & 3rd Team formed.

2000/01 Craven Cup Winners, 3rd Team promoted to Craven League Division 2.

2002/03 Reserves win Craven F.A. Norman Pratt Trophy.

2003/04 Craven F.A. Morrison Cup Winners, Reserves Retain Norman Pratt Trophy

2004/05 Craven FA Cup Winners

2005/06Craven FA Morrison Cup Winners

2006/07 North Lancashire & District Football League Sam Price Memorial Cup Winners

2014/15 Craven FA Morrison Cup Winners North Lancashire & District Football League Alan Shanks Fisher Howson Remembrance Cup Winners

2017/18 North Lancashire & District Football League Sam Price Memorial Cup Winners, Premier Division Top scorers

Latest Results

Sat 26 May
2 – 2 D
Wed 23 May
10 – 0 W
Mon 21 May
3 – 3 D

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